Wax on- Wane off ๐ŸŒ›๐Ÿ”ฎ๐ŸŒœ waning moon magick for the month of July ๐ŸŽ†


She’s waning now. After her long weekend of illuminating the night, she’s slowly showing slivers of shadow creeping in. The waning moon is the time to begin new routines, or get things underway.

  • Start the diet or exercise regimens you’ve been thinking about.
  • Start writing in your journal- or working on your Book of Shadows.
  • Start the legal proceedings you know you need to- paperwork, address changes- everything takes time.
  • Get started on the project you’ve been preparing for.
  • Start getting up earlier.
  • Start being nicer to yourself or your significant other- or maybe it’s time to distance yourself from a toxic relationship, and start making or executing the plans to exit gracefully.

Whatever it is-

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Book of Shadows is just a fancy name for your magickal journal.

START is the operative word.
It is time to begin.

The Full Moon is Mother Magick. Fertility. Nurturing. Nesting. Setting the stage. Abundance. Joy.

We use Mother Magick when we want to open a door- when we want to take a leap of faith (while holding her hand) when we want to call things to us. She is the explosion of the star that gives way to more stars.

The Crone is her elder, her wiser. She knows how to harvest the best bits from the whole to create and sculpt her reality, and that of the generations to come. Hers is the magick of wisdom, and knowing what fits and what must, sometimes sadly, be eliminated for the best opportunities growth. ย Her Greek counterpart (origin story) is called Atropos. She’s one third ofย The Fates. She is the one who makes the final cuts for mortals. For this moon, we work with her kind of magick.

The Queen of Swords, another Crone, speaks to reason above emotion, making the tough decisions for the benefit of the greater good. Playing the villain when she must, she can seem cruel, but if not for her wisdom and determination, the student has no master.

It’s likely that you have some intentions set for this month- if you don’t, get ’em in check.
I know the full moon can be kinda distracting. I have a hard time sleeping on full moon nights. This Saturday was no exception. I felt charged, like I was freshly rested at 10:30pm. My husband and I get up kinda early in the morning, usually around 6ish- and he looked at me with tired eyes at 11pm and said something about the full moon keeping me awake- as usualย ๐Ÿ˜…ย Guilty. I’ll spend hours watching her creep across the sky on any given night, but when she’s full- it’s hard for me not to. It’s an exciting time, seeing your desires glowing in the sky- but the bright light will only last so long, and we must get to work now, before it goes dark again, before we can begin watching the seeds we have sown grow.ย ostera

During the waning moon, we are in the time of the Crone. Our wise grandmother who knows to prepare for whatever comes next.ย She knows when to nurture, harvest, prepare, store, and make the best use of things. It’s her wisdom we want now in tackling the tasks at hand. The wisdom of enjoying the abundance, with thought for tomorrow, still.


Not so much like the banishing we would do on the full moon– that’s more for clearing your space in general. Now, we’ll set ourselves up to our specific tasks. Creating and taking action, whether it be work or new aspects of your routine and life- when we are in creation mode- and at the same time- destruction mode. It’s exciting.


Like watching a sculpture emerge from a piece of stone, chips being shorn away- or the layers of sketches and shading under the painting that no one sees but the artist while they work. This is the behind the scenes time. It’s us getting “Show Ready”. I like to plant things and literally watch them grow. There is much magick in plants and the care for them. It also gives life a sense of pace… I have a sunflower that I planted 3 moons ago and she’s getting huge, but just now showing her lovely colors. In another week or so, it’ll be as big as my head with loads more petals!

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Now, we have already banished all the weeds, it’s time to tend the garden. It still needs water, sunlight and love. Right now, we want to actively create. Be the water, sunlight and love, but also, be conscious of the time to come. Do you have a deadline? Have you saved enough for the thing you need later? Got your travel plans in check if you have any coming up? Make the calls, do the work, Google the prices, and get busy.

I kinda think of the waning moon as someone squeezing the last of something out of a tube or packet- pushing out every last bit, until the space is clear, or new again. It’s a good way to visualize bad habits or behaviours being minimized if that’s what you’re using this moon for. It rarely happens quickly- a thorough cleaning- it takes time to get to all the details. These bad habits we toss away this month won’t just disappear because we want them to- it will be a process. Some days better than others. Some days easier than others. Some days- the struggle will be real. It’s ok, you got this.

If you’re looking to do a meditation or a ritual, a good focus for you can be to be mindful. Mindfulness is not the same as selfishness- when you are mindful, the details- all of them- become the focus of your attention. It is not the same as putting yourself at the center of the Universe. It is practically the opposite. Being mindful means you are being aware of everything. Looking for the ways that they do and do not fit to for a better end result, a complete picture. That means looking at yourself to see if an adjustment on your part can be made to avoid a problem before it becomes one…think of it like driving- you watch the other cars to see how to navigate the path of least resistance, while maximizing your arrival timeย ๐Ÿ˜‰ย Sometimes, just going around that weirdo in the fast lane who’s doing 35 in a 55 is the better choice, even if you’re not “supposed” to pass on the right. Navigate. Make your way through the entanglements. There will always be a few. Simply be ready for them.

Go to your sacred space, and sit with the thoughts of this month. Think about the road to what you want, and how to best navigate it to avoid traffic. Be mindful. There will always be variables in our lives that are the proverbial monkey wrench- just waiting to smack us upside the head just so it can hear us say- “I didn’t see that coming.”

  • Meditate on the ability to see it coming, for an open mind and eyes to see the first signs of trouble and snuff it out, like a candle flame.
  • Meditate on keeping the garden free of weeds, pruning the toxic tendrils that belong to people or relationships that you do not wish to tend to, that would invade your garden.
  • Meditate on the finished product of your labors this month. See the completion and the satisfaction you will have from remaining diligent.

If you want candles and ceremony, write some stuff down, light some candles and focus.
A witch is only as good as his or her focus. make yours strong. Practice.

If you have no vision for yourself, you will wander in the darkness to nowhere. If it comes from nothing, it will go nowhere. This is true of art, music, design and magick too. The intention is the key. The vision, the direction. It will be one of the most difficult things to do for some people. To see a thing that no one has seen before, your own vision for yourself. Your own magickal self. Several people who seek magick think it will change their lives. They imagine there might be a magickal object or spell to cast that will change their lives. The truth is, long before any spell you cast will work, you will need to change your life. Magick will not do it for you. It will only give you tools to shape it as you wish, and the power to maneuver gracefully down the road of life. A car is only as good as it’s driver.




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