Waxing Moon Magick And The Mythology Of The Fates & The Norns 🌛📖🌜 (and also a bunch of other related gods n stuff)

Our dark moon is growing full with light again. A slow dawn the will illuminate the dark, and will take 27 nights to break.


As the moon’s light and shape grow more round throughout the month, her pointed crescent edges give direction for magickal workings. The moon is waxing now, so let’s do some waxing moon magick.


But first…story time: 

The Greek Moirai, or The Fates are three sisters who create, measure and cut the thread of life for mortals.



Clotho, the youngest, who’s name comes from the Greek word for “spinner”, creates, or spins the thread that holds each mortals’ life essence in it- when they are born and what kind of person they will be. (Waxing/Maiden)

Lachesis, from the Greek word for “allotter”. She is the middle sister, she measures the length of the thread, and some say imbues the destiny for each mortal in it . (Full/Mother)

Atropos, is the eldest. From the Greek for “without turn or inevitable.” She is death. She cuts the thread and ends mortal life. (Waning/Crone)

The Norse have a version too, they are The Norns. Three powerful magical women who tend to the sacred tree of life in all it’s stages. They’re also keepers of destiny of men and gods. They are also associated with the valkyries, or “choosers of the dead.” In Old Norse, they were the ones who greeted you after death, decided if you were fit to enter Valhalla, where they would bring you beer so you can all get drunk and wait for Ragnarök.


In Rome, Hecate, or the (sometimes) three-headed Queen of Witches will be born with a similar set of attributes.


Then, even later in Rome- the women were replaced altogether with the idea of the Holy Trinity. christian-holy-trinity

In Europe as well as North and parts of South America, Wiccans have taken back the feminine with the Triple Goddess or the Maiden, Mother and Crone. Three women, representing the three phases of life, the first quarter represents the Maiden- youth  learning and growth. The full moon represents The Mother, or fertile womanhood and development. The waning crescent represents the Crone, or the wise old woman who has known much in life, and will know death’s inevitability soon, but not before she imparts her accumulated knowledge to the next generation.



The idea is represented across different cultures in similar ways. Women are also linked with the moon in their menstrual cycles- the average woman’s being about 28 days. It’s no surprise that women feel a strong connection with the moon, and moon magick has been practiced for as long as humans have looked at her and began to learn her rhythms.



In this, the first quarter, we will begin the turning of the fertile soil left from banishing the “weeds” in our lives during the dark, new moon, and preparing to grow and develop our desires into fruition. We will work with Clotho, the giver of life, the Maiden.


Clotho is pretty interesting. She is the daughter of Erebus (Darkness) and Nyx (Night) in some stories, and the daughter of  Zeus (sky god) and Themis (justice) in others, which makes her an Olympian God(dess)…but she’s not really worshipped as a goddess- it’s weird, but so is a lot of stuff to us from back then. Ok, moving on.

Clotho and Hermes (who is her brother in the stories where Zeus is her/their dad) are credited with creating the alphabet. They were instrumental in the development of knowledge and wisdom in ancient Greece.

Later, in Rome, they would start calling Hermes, Mercury- and give him fancy shoes with wings that let him float back and forth to talk to the gods, and a super cool magic wand that later turned into a less-magic wand, that had now really become just a stick with snakes intertwined around it (caduceus) but, also- now they know medicine and science. caduceus-medical-symbol
::angelic choir sound::

Also, now there is a goddess with three heads that represent the same thing as The Fates and Norns- and now, we call her Hecate. She’s The Queen of Witches.



In the north- knowledge was obtained slightly differently. The Fates are represented here as well, but in the north, they’re called The Norns. They live in a well that contains magical beings of all kinds, including these three who do pretty much the exact same thing as in Roman culture, but at the bottom of a well that feeds the tree of life, Yggdrasill. A huge ash tree that connects the 9 worlds together.


Anyway- just like in Rome, there are three- only these three imparted their their gift to man via the water that Odin drank from the well after an epic staring contest with death, while he hung from a tree- with a spear in his side- that lasted for 9 days- that resulted in the trade of his eye for the water that contained the knowledge. So they weren’t directly involved, like in Rome- but the story is way more hard-core than Rome’s, if you ask me.

I mean come on, winged sandals and a busted-ass wizard staff that turned into a potential social liability and 2 more mouths to feed VS ripping your own fucking eye out and basically becoming the Original Wizard, complete with working magic staff…
is there a question of who did it more hard-core?


Back to the ladies…


Clotho, the youngest, is a giver of life. She even returned it to Pelops, the son of a god who was cooked as dinner (BY HIS OWN FATHER) in a cauldron for the other gods. Clotho was there and she was pissed when she found out- partially through her meal of Pelops’ shoulder- so she snatched the rest of him off everyone’s plates and threw it all back in the cauldron and brought him back to life…minus the shoulder, which she replaced with ivory. Like I said, a giver.

There was this chick, Alcestis, who knew this story about the resurrection Clotho had performed, and Alcestis had a couple of kids with her Dude and was pretty happy- but then Dude got sick and died. Alcestis was super bummed and thought that maybe if she got Clotho and her sisters drunk, Alcestis could talk them into bringing her Dude back from the Underworld like she did for Pelops… It kinda worked- the sisters didn’t just give Dude a return ticket, but they told Alcestis that if she could find someone to swap with him, then Dude could come back. Well, she couldn’t find anybody- shocking– so she decided to give herself up, you know, probably for the sake of the kids. The sisters, who had probably started to sober up by now, were like, “That’ll do, ya tricky bitch” and brought Dude back. Well, Alcestis started to get sick and die, as per the arrangement- but just before she did die- Hercules came and wrestled Death and won- so Death let both Alcestis and her Dude live again. Ah, a happy ending. Yay!

So our girl Clotho is a symbol of beginnings- even second chance beginnings.
She’s here to help.
Now let’s take our new knowledge and make some magick.

This first quarter, we will spin our intentions , like Clotho, into the threads of action and fate. Now is when we will make our plans, and see them, in our minds, fully laid out and ready to act upon. It’s time to collect our objects, if you haven’t already, and get ready.

What you will need/want for this:

  • Time in your sacred space
    (This can be anywhere, remember. You only need to feel comfortable there and that you will likely not be disturbed so you can focus on your work. It can even be the inside of your car if it’s the only place you can be alone. Find a safe, quiet place, turn the car off, lock the doors, and focus. Witchcraft and magick are nothing without intention. 90% of the “work” you do, will be on yourself. You will need to become the master of your thoughts and truly be able to direct your energy towards a goal. 96% of witchcraft is preparation in your own head. It is meditation and serious reflection on your own shit. It just
    won’t work if you don’t give it the attention it deserves…like anything in this life. You gotta mean it.)
  • White thread or ribbon, or silver chain or wire (and a needle *optional)
    (Long enough to make a circle around your candles and then to sew into a photocopy of your card for sewing spell *optional. You can use any color you have. See below)
  • Three white candles and a lighter or matches if you need it
    (Any color will do, and they don’t have to even be real candles *for my indoor/urban witches* but white is associated with our girls, The Fates, and we like to keep it matchy-matchy if we can.)
  • A photocopy of a Wheel Of Fortune tarot card
    (If you don’t have a deck, you can use a photo of one you printed from the internet, hell, you can use mine if you want. Here are a few options in one photo. It also doesn’t have to be printed as big as a card would be- the important thing is that you have a physical object to connect with. *You can also do a sewing spell with a photocopy, and not have to ruin your deck **bonus** for the sewing spell, follow the instructions for the thread, then use your needle to trace the circle on the Wheel of Fortune while you focus on your intentions for the ritual.)

Additional items *optional

Need a creative boost? Try adding an amethyst to your physical objects for this ritual.

Looking to nurture or find love? A piece of rose quartz will serve you well for this.

Perhaps its money you wish to attract. Beautiful, green malachite or jade will do for you.

Sometimes, all we need is clarity, and a great assistant to clarity, is clear quartz.


Now that we have our objects, time, space and intentions set, we can begin the meditations on our desired outcomes. The objects we use in this ritual, in any ritual, are to keep us mindful of the details. To give us subtle reminders, should our minds start to wander, of what we came here for. These things serve as beacons to guide our consciousness through the dark waters of the mind.

Begin your meditation by getting comfortable and lighting your candles if you’re using them. Clear your mind. Breathe. Start by imagining your desired outcome. Visualize yourself happy and accomplished with the undertaking you are setting forth tonight. See it down to the smallest detail. See it as yours.

Next, bring yourself back to now, and begin the journey again, this time slower, imagining every hurdle and obstacle that could possibly be thrown at you- navigate it flawlessly and with confidence. Stay on track.

If you’re going to do a sewing spell, now is a good time to start. Thread your needle and then prick your finger and draw a drop of blood. Take your thread and rub the drop along the length of the thread. A literal drop of blood to symbolize the effort you will make for your desired outcome. Begin sewing the circle at the top of  the wheel on your Wheel of Fortune card, and sew around it completely. Each stitch, solidifying your path to what you want. Imagine yourself as Clotho, spinning the fabric of your destiny, and shaping it to your will.

Sit with your items and thoughts as long as you want.
When you’re ready to face the muggles again, you can go.

Keep your card for the month in a place you will see it every morning. Keep it with you if you want. It’s your magick, you can pretty much do whatever you want with it.



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