New Moon Banishing Ritual

Each month brings it’s own set of challenges and rewards. Some months, the good outweighs the bad, and some months it doesn’t.
If this has been a shit month for you- maybe a banishing ritual would be good…but before you start thinking I’m going to include a spell for you- I’m going to tell you, I’m not. I can’t write this spell for you. This is all you, babe. Just like most magick. It’s all about you setting your intentions for what you need to get out.


Identify what you need to banish.
Is it a person? Is it negative reoccurring thoughts? Is it the collective darkness that accumulates in our memory palaces- the old baggage and emotional boxes we keep left in the corners? It’s time to throw it out…but not just throw it out- banish it.

verb: banish; 3rd person present: banishes; past tense: banished; past participle: banished; gerund or present participle: banishing
send (someone) away from a country or place as an official punishment.
“they were banished to Siberia for political crimes”
synonyms: exile, expel, deport, eject, expatriate, ostracize, extradite, repatriate, transport.
antonyms: admit, readmit
forbid, abolish, or get rid of something unwanted
“it’s perfectly feasible to banish the smoke without banning smoking”
synonyms: dispel, dismiss, disperse, scatter, dissipate, drive away, chase away, shut out, quell, allay
“he tried to banish his fear”

red woman.jpg

Ok, maybe what you’re banishing isn’t as bad as her, but you get the idea.


Next, we find some physical representations.

Photographs are a crowd favorite, as they say- a picture is worth a thousand words. This can be a photo of the person or thing you wish to banish. Whatever it is, if a photo can help you to focus better- use the image to direct your thoughts throughout the ritual.
If you don’t have a picture, an object of almost any kind will do. It should be something that you intend to throw away, bury or burn. You are not keeping this object, or any of the shit associated with it. Same goes for the photo, if you’re using one. Plan on this being the last time you ever look at it.
*A precaution against burial:


No, but really- be careful with burying something you’re about to focus this much negativity into. I like fire, personally. It’s always my go-to. It’s also a good one if you use written words for your physical object. This can be old letters, poems or whatever- but also, it can be something you write about this situation, with the intent to burn. As always, be very careful when using fire of any kind- but really be careful here. You will be working with the fiery anger spirit in you anyway- so keep an eye on things. Stay alert and focused. Safety first.


Set aside time and space for you to work.

I cannot stress this enough. If you do not create the time and space to do this, or any other magickal undertaking, you will not reap anywhere near the benefits. You need a sacred space for yourself. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy- you can literally do this in your bathroom if you want- get a cuteย small cauldron and you can burn things safely in there. You’ll probably want that anyway- it’s a staple of magick.



What you will need:
The Cauldron I just mentioned and a charcoal tablet.
A candle
ย and a lighter or matches.
Your physical object or paper and a writing instrument.

Maybe you want some music, to help drown out the sounds of the outside world if you’re in an urban area- maybe you want to play music and also be outside- maybe you need quiet for this- whatever you like is fine- just stick to stuff that doesn’t distract you. Something without lyrics would be my first choice (if you’re going to go with music) ย but whatever you need to get you into the right headspace for focusing the energy you are ready to banish.

Now some people will tell you that you need a black candle- you can use any color- but black is preferable as it is an absorber. You can find candles made for banishing spells specifically, but as I have said before, someone making a candle and saying it’s for banishing is something anyone can do- look into your sources and see if they seem legit, or if they’re just trying to make money from people who don’t know any better.


Crystals like black tourmaline are sometimes worn to help absorb negativity from people around you. I wear one every day.
So color is important to an extent, but if you only have a yellow candle today- that’ll do.

What you will do:

Go to your sacred space.
You should feel safe here and know that you will not be disturbed for however long it takes you to complete the ritual. That could be minutes, and it could be hours. It depends on your budget for time.

Light your candle and charcoal tablet.
Wait for the charcoal to turn white around the edges (at least) before you use it.ย This takes a few minutes. Use this time to focus on your physical object.

Prepare your physical object.
You’re going to direct a shit-ton of hate or anger or whatever you’re feeling towards this thing we’re banishing, into your object. This will take a different amount of time for everyone. Maybe you need to look at the photo for awhile. Maybe you need to listen to the song that reminds you of it. Maybe you need to write some hate mail. Maybe you just need to hold this thing one last time before it goes away forever. Whatever it is. Now is the time. If you’re burying your object, now is the time to dig the hole. Put every last bit of your hate, love or anything you feel at all for this thing we banish, into your object.

Now let’s get rid of it.

Now that you have your head in the right space- imagine this thing you are banishing being cast out of your life. Imagine a white light that fills in the darkness left by this new moon. Imagine it burning away the old and leaving only shiny and new behind. Imagine all the cobwebs cleared and everything in perfect order. Imagine a month of abundance and continued light.

Take your object and utterly destroy it. Burn it, tear it, destroy it completely. If you want to go the extra mile, you can bury the ashes/pieces, scatter them to the wind or toss them into a body of water. Get rid of it. For good.
Some people will sit with the candle until it burns out. I say go with what feels right.
You’ll know when you’re done.

Once you’ve watched it burn away, or however you have decided to get rid of it, gather yourself and head back to the realm of muggles…and try to have a good month.



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