Tarot reading for Friday

Deck: The Victoria Regina Tarot 
Unfortunately, this deck is out of print, so I can’t link you to get one. Sorry.

Friday, like each day of the week, has it’s own set of magickal correspondences. I’ll make a special post for Friday entirely, but for now- here are the 3 tarot cards associated with Friday. Like before, if you want to use this as a reading for you- it would go from L-R
The Querent (you)
The Present, (what’s going on right now)
The Influences/Outcome (what can or will be)

Friday is a day of love!!! So if today’s reading is for you- it’s a good one 😁🖤😁

  • Our beloved Empress– symbol of beauty, creativity, fertility, pleasure and success. She is a blessed mother- not always to  human child. The efforts of a lifetime culminated in a successful business or career are also our “babies” in some ways. Any artist who spent countless hours on a given piece, any negotiator who successfully nurtured the relationship to bring things to a beneficial close, any lawyer who spent more nights reading/researching than sleeping to pull off a big case-  will tell you, it consumed their life entirely until it was ready.
    The level of commitment was maximum.
    The amount of blood, sweat & tears that go into anything we care passionately about, creates it’s own life force. It becomes our “baby” to nurture and develop. In these ways, The Empress is present in each of us who works with passion and determination. She is a good mother. She knows to nurture with love and compassion- and how to creatively adapt life’s lessons to teach her “children.”She is also associated with Brigid, our lady of Imbolc, or the beginning of Spring- who is alllll about the baby-making and fertility and all of that. It’s the festival to celebrate the great gifts of  abundance from the sun, and the turn of the season from the cold whites of winter to the lush greens of spring. When paganism was being stamped out, the Christians syncretized a bunch of saints and early goddesses. Saint Brigid is also associated with some of the same stuff as old school Brigid- you know- to make the murder and forced conversion to Christianity more palatable and easier to assimilate for the peasant heathens…
    (Oh shit- today is supposed to be about love- Ok. Imma get back to this…)
  • The Lovers– I mean, do even have to say anything? This card is one of the few in the deck that is just what it sounds like. It’s about love, companionship, friendship- nay- BEST friendship! It’s a card that represents a happy, healthy partnership. It can also mean your work, or one of the aforementioned “babies” from the bit on the Empress. Point is, not everything that every human loves is another human. That’s just the way it is. Some people find far greater fulfillment in work or activities than they do in romantic endeavors. Not everyone is lucky in physical love, but “love” is out there in many more forms than we think about sometimes. If this card shows up for you, it probably means that you have some peace with the love in your life right now. Good for you 🖤

    Last one…

  • Two of Cups– The suit of cups is associated with all things sticky-sweet about love. Compassion, sympathy, empathy, patience, pleasure, nurturing- it represents the cup that runneth over with proverbial pleasure or joy. It is a lovely suit to see in a reading. The two of cups is very similar to The Lovers. It specifically speaks to two becoming one- a union or partnership that is built to last. This card can conjure thoughts of engagements or weddings, or extremely beneficial mergers in business. Either way, when you see the two of cups, be prepared to share some close space with a homie 😉🔮😉

Looks like it’s gonna be a good night to cozy up to your loved one. Dooo it.
Happy Friday.


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