Tarot reading for Thursday, June 15th 2017

In one of my previous posts I listed the Magic(k)al Correspondences for Thursday, or Thor’s Day. In this post, I’ll read the cards associated with Thursday, and our thunderous friend. If you’re a Sagittarius (like me) or a Capricorn, stay tuned. Thor and Jupiter are your rulers ⚔♐⚔♑⚔ Today is your day too ♑🖤♐

Ok- the suit associated with today is Pentacles. (Sometimes called disks or coins in various decks.) The suit in general is an earth suit.
*Each of the suits corresponds to an element.

Pentacles: Earth
Swords: Air
Wands: Fire
Cups: Water

While I’m at it, I’ll take this opportunity to quickly talk about pentacles, or pentagrams. I’m a big fan- and it happens to be a rather universally accepted witchy symbol. I am not a big fan of ignorant people who think that a star with a circle around it automatically means you eat babies and worship the Christian Devil. (silly muggles)

The pentagram is simply a drawing made with 5 lines.

Penta: from the Greek pente for 5

Gram: “a combining form occurring in loanwords from Greek, where it meant“something written,” “drawing” ( epigram; diagram)”

The religious use of it is throughout several cultures- with even the Christians making use of the number 5 in their teachings to represent the 5 mortal senses and the 5 Holy Wounds of Christ.

I’ll make another post about our friend, the pentagram- but for now, we’ll put a pin in this here.


Let’s talk about these cards:
Deck: The Linestrider Tarot

Thursday reading 6.15.2017

If today’s cards were in a spread layout- I would say this one is from L-R
The Querent (you)
The Present, (what’s going on right now)
The Influences/Outcome (what can or will be.)

Starting with you:

  • Ace of Pentacles: Prosperous beginnings, seeds of growth and fertility.
    From the smallest seeds grow the largest trees. Nurturing your growth is not a waste of your time, no matter how long it is taking to see the results you’re looking for. Rest assured, the fruits of your labors will not go unenjoyed.
  • Nine of Pentacles: Prosperous, happy home. Fine things. Rare air.
    This little one is always nice to see in a reading- it typically speaks to finally getting to enjoy the fruits of your labor and the peace and happiness that a financially secure home has. You may find yourself at a nice dinner this week, or breathing the rare air around someone or something very important. Be ready.
  • Ten of Pentacles: Ten is the completion of a suit. It signals the top of it’s kind. By the time you reach the ten this week, you will probably be stuffed with spiritual and temporal food (especially if you do end up at that nice dinner I was talking about.) The ten says “it’s perfect” the levels are good and there is enough. Try to be generous with your abundance- both physical and spiritual. It does come back to you, and it’s just good for the world we live in.


That’s it. Go out and have a happy Thursday night 🍻🍺🍻




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