Magic(k)al Correspondences For Thursday 🌛🔮🌜


Good morning, and happy Thursday, witchlings! Here is today’s list of correspondences, once again, from my trusty Book of Correspondences. If you’re not sure what all of this means, it’s actually quite simple. This is a list of all the magical associations with the day of the week. For example, Thursday gets its name from an Old God as well, one you can probably figure out by saying “Thursday” a few times yep- you guessed it, THOR. (Think ThorsDay )
Things on this list are all things that have been associated with the day of the week from various places and times, then cross-referenced and nicely listed for you

What does it mean?

It can mean whatever you want it to mean. I like to pick a color associated with the day for my eyeshadow, or maybe a piece of jewelry to accent my typical all black clothing.
Maybe, you’ll find that you’re super into a particular thing on the list, and just can’t get enough of it that day, use it as an excuse to indulge a little, or venture out from your regular routine with flavors, colors, or scents.
Today’s photo is of a lovely Oak tree in Fairfax- same place yesterday’s lavender came from
This is, quite simply, a list of things that “everyone agrees on” about Thursday. That’s all. If it does anything for your day today, awesome. If not, also fine
I do hope your day has been a good one though…Alright, here we go:
Zodiac: Capricorn, Pisces
Solar System: Jupiter
Colors: Blue (royal), Green, Indigo, Purple
Metal: Tin
Rune: Thorn
Tarot: Pentacles (ace, 9, 10)
Trees: Laurel, Maple, Oak, Pine
*fun fact Laurel trees are also called Bay Laurel- they’re a great privacy hedge and make nice, decorative plants as well- oh yeah, and it’s where bay leaves come from, so you can totally eat it
Herb & Garden: Honeysuckle, Sage
God/Goddess: Jupiter, Thor, Zeus
Issues, intentions and powers:
abundance, business, desire, endurance,
fidelity, honor, justice (legal matters),
leadership, luck, prosperity,


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