Magical or Magickal? What the F*ck Is The Difference?

I’m sure some of you question why there is a K in the word MAGIC(K) sometimes. The short answer is: Things like, street magic (You know,  David Blaine ‘n shit) and the stuff you see in Vegas, like the guys with the tigers- that stuff is magic with a C. It’s illusion. It’s clever and fun to look at, but it is not considered to be “real” magick.

The truth is, the stuff you see/hear in fairy tales is more akin to magick. Harry Potter performs magick- I mean, yes, he’s a fictional character- but you get it. He sets intention and with specific actions, achieves “the impossible.” Magick.

I believe in every kind of magic(k).

I believe in the power of setting intention and gathering your thoughts and things like crystals, incense, candles or even everyday items in certain colors, to help focus your energy. You can purchase or create special items imbued with magic(k)al intent and use them to help you focus or inspire you.
That’s magick with a K.

  • However, I have conflicting thoughts on whether or not you can purchase intention…like, buying a spell or having someone do one for you. I think that really depends on the situation. For example- I would not just buy some random spell from the internet, but I would probably go see a powerful Romanian witch in person, and I would purchase something magickal from a trusted source… I’ll leave this here for now…I can easily dedicate an entire post to this. (Let me know if you’re interested in hearing more.)

I believe that meditation, prayer, and spells are all essentially the same thing. They are focused intent. There is little more powerful on this earth than the focus-driven mind. (except laser beams and sharks ‘n shit- obviously)

I also believe in drugstore magic, you know common “superstition” stuff, because it all comes from somewhere…

We all know that a rabbit’s foot is lucky, right?
You can find them in loads of places from Western-themed amusement parks like (my favorite) Knott’s Berry Farm, to gas stations and roadside stops all across the US. The rabbit’s foot in culture goes way back to possibly 600 BCE with the Celts. No surprise there, those guys wore horned helmets and were considered “savages” of their time- but the lucky rabbit’s foot is recognized in Europe, China, Africa, and North and South America. In North America, it has roots in hoodoo– I love a subtle pun 😉.
Point is, people everywhere believe it is lucky- therefore- it IS lucky.
That’s magic with a C.

I believe in it all…how about you?

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4 thoughts on “Magical or Magickal? What the F*ck Is The Difference?

  1. In Basque there are a few discrepancies over the origins but in my family we call it “Sor” which gives way to “Sorgin” (one who crafts) and “Sortu” as a verb, is specific to “organise”, “to fix”, “to put in place”.

    Funny thing is, “Sor” is commonly used for “Luck/Kismet”, making the “Sorginek”, the ones who craft kismet to fix (a body/mind/spirit).

    Loving all the articles.

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