Moon in Aquarius tarot reading and the mythology of Ganymede


moon in aquariusTonight at 7:45pm the moon moves from the sign of the sea-goat, Capricorn and into its neighbor, Aquarius’ house. So today we talk about all things Aquarian and also some tarot stuff. We’ll start with a little history of how the water bearer got into our skies in the first place.

Get yourself a beverage and settle in- we’ve got a lot of ground to cover…

Ganymede (the human the constellation is represented by) was the exceptionally lovely young son of the King of Troy, King Laomedon. Well, one day our old friend Zeus happened upon Ganymede and was stricken by his beauty.

There was a lotta gay stuff in ancient Rome- if that isn’t something you already know: SPOILER ALERT…also, if it’s something that bothers you in general- paganism is maybe not the place for you- not that it’s “gay”- it’s simply a HIGHLY tolerant community. Most witches, pagans or whatever they call themselves are progressive in their beliefs and practices. Interracial marriage, homosextality, transsexuals are all accepted, and all have their own spaces to practice their various crafts. *Thanks, Internet*

Not to say that it was entirely gay of Zeus, maybe he just really wanted to surround himself with really, really good looking people. I mean, he was the son of a god- he could have the best of things. So- he decided that a few super nice horses would suffice as payment/trade for the good king’s son, and he took Ganymede to be his cupbearer. In fact, our boy Ganymede became a cupbearer to all the gods and they (honorarily???) placed him among the stars as a constellation. So we can guess how much the gods enjoyed their drinks 🍹 There’s a WHOLE lor of other stuff about Ganymede out there- one link in particular gets into how “gladdening” his junk was…really…. but in an effort to bring it back around, let’s start talking about (😅anything but dicks⚔) the other associations, characteristics and stuff going on with today.

::clears throat:: Ok, here we go…

Aquarius ‘ associations: Apple, dandelion, fluorite, and silver. There are loads more, but those are the things I had and the things that are pictured. That little bundle is apple wood from the orchard near where I used to live in Southern California. There’s a little tibetan quartz on it, wrapped in silver. I actually got my fluorite point from Amazon– zero shame in my magical acquisition game. I got it before I had any magical friends- now, if I want something gem-related, I check the shop of my sister witch, Paletree Arcana. She makes LOVELY “magickal adornments”- go get yourself some.

aquarius reading 6.12.17-6


The tarot is one of my favorite sources for insight. I’m a huge fan of cross-checking and comparing the different interpretations made by people regarding the tarot. It’s a tricky craft to master and memorize. There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana alone and THEN there are 4 suits (like playing cards) with 14 cards each (NOT like playing cards which only have 13 of each) there are dozens, if not more, accepted and “known” spreads to configure them in to read them, and THEN there are reversed meanings and all sorts of things to remember…it can be pretty overwhelming. I’ve been studying for years and have by no means masterd OR memorized them all. I have several decks and I like to pick a card each day from a different deck and then compare them all. It helps me to remember the underlying themes or the symbolism that is present in the artwork.

Right now, I’m feeling The Linestrider Tarot. (deck pictured above) Her fluid, whimsical style seemed perfect for Aquarius today. I decided to create my own spread today- though the general queries and influencers are the same. It’ll make sense as I go (hopefully 😆) so I’ll jump right in and start the interpretations.

Here is my key for this spread:

  1. Current situation/you
  2. Modifier/influences
  3. Outside influences
  4. Possible outcomes/choices
  5. Final thought

Now, reading top to bottom- left to right, we have our spread. I chose three cards for today because the suit of Cups, The Fool, and The Star are associated with Aquarius.

Why the 5 of Cups? Well, the element associated with Aquarius is Air. Not water…I know, right? How is THE WATER BEARER not a water sign?

Think of it like this- the Aquarian’s most special trait (in my opinion) is their ability to be both strong and soft- much like the water and the wind. Aquarians are adaptable. They can change from a quiet drip or gentle breeze, to a raging torrent or violent hurricane, when the application of force is required. I think of them as being able to “breathe underwater” because they are Water, but they have Air.

(Gorgeous, mer-men- that’s what I’m going to start calling all Aquarians 😆😂😆

Ok, so I chose the 5 of Cups because Air’s numerical association is 5. (Like the 5 points of a pentacle that represent the elements and the spirit.)

The Knight and the 2 of Swords are Air’s tarot associations. That’s where the other 2 came from. I have no idea why I ordered them this way ☠

  1. The Fool: New beginnings (journey), innocence, potential, adventure. The Fool is a rather whimsical card. It speaks to taking leaps of faith and diving in with the enthusiasm of youth and a bit of wanderlust…because true to the nature of lust, it can fade, and you are then left traveling a road, going seemingly nowhere. The Fool can appear to us to remind us to keep our heads about us. To focus our excitement and keep our eyes and ears open, lest we make a perilous step…
  2. The Star: A twinkling light in the darkness– The Star speaks to hope, peace and spiritual understanding. The light of the stars are dim to us here, but moving closer to them increases their size, increases their effects on us. The Star talks about believing in yourself and taking the next big steps. You’re ready.
  3. Two of Swords: Darkness, temporary blindness, half-truths. Ask yourself if you are certain you have all of the information you need to make your decision. Are you as “in the know” as you need to be? Is it time to seek the advice of a professional for something you thought you could handle yourself? The Two of Swords also tells us it’s time to get our shit together and move on…staying in hatred or darkness makes you blind…into the light with you.
  4. Knight of Swords: Arrogance, cockiness, potential for being caught off guard. True to the suit of Swords, our Knight possesses a certain emotional disconnect necessary for “the tough decisions.” Intellectual coldness is the hallmark of the suit- with the Queen and King being the wisest and shrewdest pair of them all. Our Knight is less wise though. Our Knight is arrogant, not without merit for his greatness, but arrogance can be blindsided with preparation. Maybe you need to watch your mouth, or keep an eye on that underdog…there is always someone looking to replace you if you’re good at something. Keep your shit tight and don’t get over-confident or sloppy. The Knight says so.
  5. Five of Cups: Focusing on the past. Tunnel vision to darkness. Self-loathing. Self-sabotage. GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE PAST! There is nothing waiting back there for you but shitty memories and a bunch of self-hate. You gotta quit that shit if you’re going to make it in this endeavor you’re so excited about. Let it go, boo. Whatever it is…because no matter what, you can’t time travel and fix it (if this is not true PLEASE LMK- I am interested in fixing a few things, and know how to keep a secret) so you might as well just be the best you can today.




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